Importance and centrality of the Palestinian issue

Palestine is a strategic piece of land, forms the only dry link between Eurasia and Africa, in other words, between the two main parts of the old world. It formed the link between the biggest civilizations in history as well, but although, Palestine itself was_ or some of it_ part of some of those civilizations in different periods of history, Phoenicia for example.

This made of Palestine a square for many historical events, maybe the most important events in the history of humanity; clashes of civilizations, appearance of Abrahamic religions, and then their conflicts.

Everybody agrees that the regions of Levant, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula, and the north-eastern cost of Africa were always inhabited by different Semitic tribes, mostly Arabs. But the complicated criss-cross history of Palestine can grant many nations, religions, cultures, civilizations some evidences about some kind of eligibility in that land, but none can hide the political coverts behind their claims, maybe just if they hide behind somebody else’s claim!

It’s obvious that Palestine still retains its strategic importance for the global colonial powers as a key for controlling the region or at least guaranteeing its disintegration. Regardless the witnessed facts and realities which doesn’t need a stone to be found tens of meters under the ground to prove them, they already planted a strange body in the heart of the historically homogeneous region claiming some right based on some myths and legends, then they recognized it as a country, and still supporting it in order to “maintain its superiority in the region”!


The entity of Israel as an occupation and the crimes of Israel

Away from the argument about the forbid to establish “Israel” in Judaism, and regardless the stories about the choices that Herzl had for the location of his Jewish country, or whether he was believing in this project or got convinced by some colonial countries, and no matter how and in which conditions “Israel” became a country; the facts which we have been living for long time tell us that Zionists had been dreaming, planning, and doing occupation, ethnic and religious cleansing, displacement of people, stealing their resources, destroying their human heritage, and applying all the kinds of blockade on them all since a century at least, and if you couldn’t underline these definitions then ask the eight million Palestinian refugees, the “big prison of Gaza”, the “wall”, the “settlements” and the dream of the Palestinian entity which is still dream; all and more could tell us much more about the Zionists crimes.

Role of Jewish academics and their institutions in the crimes of Israel

Israel, as a modern developed westernized and advanced state, depends on research and academic institutions in all of its levels and aspects; we talk here about politics, economy, education, security, society…etc. Although, we claim that big part of those researches consider supporting and rooting and expanding the Zionist entity’s occupation as the first if not the only target.

No doubt that existence of Israelis in the occupied Palestine is a crime by itself, but the academics and the researchers are not just staying there, they are supporting directly and obviously the occupation and the Zionist project.

There are many dark areas to illuminate in the work of the Israeli academic institutions and it’s relation with the Zionists crimes; their relation with the army, weapons development, crisis designing inside and outside Palestine, drawing racist policies and laws, damaging experiments…etc.


Role of boycotting Israel in facing the occupation and its crimes

Boycotting Israeli products and institutions started as an Arabic policy under the pressure of the peoples, but this wasn’t a strategy of those countries considering its correlation with the events in the occupied territories, and this seems to be the reason of not achieving any real results. In addition, Israel could make partnerships with countries outside the region, mainly with the US. Furthermore, boycotting campaigns fell into traps of deception and exploitation and got preoccupied with ineffective trivia.

On the other hand, and regardless the weakness of the Arabic edition of boycott, Israeli governments couldn’t hide their resentment and worry about the possible consequences of upgrading boycotting campaigns, whether it was geographical or in levels and fields or in quality, performance, and effectiveness.

It seems that the worst of Israeli fears is really happening, and as long as Palestinians keep suffer of the Zionist occupation and crimes, the awareness of their issue will keep spreading; resulting, always, of newer and better ways and shapes of resistance till injustice is completely removed.

Academic boycotting: its presence and effect

Academic boycotting, as a new way in resisting Israel, seems to be skipping mere personal initiatives since academic boycotting campaigns were being launched in many countries, with hundreds of involved professors and researchers from different nationalities and religions, including Jews, starting with the British National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE) boycotting Israeli academics in 2006, as the first worth mentioning campaign.

Indeed, the official Israeli respond and reaction with those campaigns could tell us enough about the pain which they cause to the Zionists, recently, for example, the Israeli president warned in a meeting with some academics from the “danger” of the “academic isolation”.


Launching an academic boycotting campaign at the level of Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region of Balkan could be a big contribution in the efforts seek tightening the noose on Israel in this field.

Academics in any society can affect with their opinions and positions a big slice of the educated class, especially, they can pull their concern to further fields and make them re-think forgotten or deliberately absent issues.

For all the normal reasons, we expect that academics of Bosnia and the rest of Balkan countries will show much more solidarity and interaction with the idea, and, as a result, lead the worldwide academic boycott of Israel.


In scope of this abstract, we call all friends of Palestine and supporters of human rights in Bosnia and the region to move in steady steps toward awakening the awareness in their societies, starting with the level of academics until reaching all the other levels without exceptions.

We derive our confidence from the just of our cause, and that is why we don’t hesitate to address the educated people and the academics, to address the brains before the hearts, it is completely just cause with no doubt at all.

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